Team Genesis - Education
Gifted Athletes Program
Not every basketball player that graduates from a boarding school goes on to be the next Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant or Steve Nash. But, each one of these players will tell you that attending their respective boarding high schools, is what catapulted their learning, maturation process and to them most importantly, their basketball skills. From 1995-2005 over 35 high school basketball players were drafted from high school straight to the NBA. Over 95% of those athletes attended some form of non public education during their high school years.
Genesis Academy will assist our athlete’s to grow personally in ways that uniquely prepare them for the public eye. With a comprehensive basketball skills and development program, each player will learn the basic fundamentals needed to maximize themselves to their fullest potential. With very specific strength and conditioning techniques, the nuances of the game will also be a focus as each player develops. Being perfectly nestled in the heart of ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) country, as well as many Big East and SEC schools, our players will be provided a high level schedule, and a platform in which they can showcase their gifts and compete for an Ncaa Division 1 scholarships.
Unlike typical formats of public education, these players will be in an environment where they all share the same goal. Learning to be accountable to one another on and off the court, will truly build core values and long lasting relationships. Sharing in this common goal will give each student athlete a sense of pride in their school and most importantly themselves.

“We look to attract gifted athletes, who are driven to excel in their sport as well as in life!”
-Harry Williams
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