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Gifted Athletes Program
The initial vision that became Team Genesis remains constant. The Team Genesis Gifted Athletes Program seeks to serve promising athletes in the United States and abroad, by meeting a diverse, yet specific, needs set:
  • The need in society for young men to be trained as leaders for the future, on a national and local level. In 2008, one million five hundred thirty six thousand one hundred thirty four (1,536,134) non-profit organizations existed in the US. Of those, only 20,978 are classified as “Youth Development”. Of those 20,978, only a small percentage as classified as “Leadership Development”. We believe that developing the character and leadership skills of young men now will greatly diminish the need for programs for single mothers, alcohol and substance abuse, reentry to society from correctional facilities, female rape victims and battered women in the future.
  • The need for role models with outstanding character within professional sports in the USA. The idea of a “role model” is to actually model a specific role. In the minds of many professional athletes in the US, they model only the role of an athlete, while accusations of rape, cheating, gambling, marital unfaithfulness and addiction surround their personal lives. However, with increasing numbers of single mothers, young men are looking to these athletes as more than a model of skilled athleticism, but a male role model of life. Having such great power over youth, Team Genesis seeks to prepare gifted athletes who intend to play on a professional level for the task of being a role model, both on and off the court.
  • The need for better education for skilled athletes. Skilled athletes are often “pushed through” the education system to remain eligible in the more athletically competitive regions. This alone promotes laziness and a “do-for-me” attitude amongst young men. The Team Genesis Gifted Athletes Program will promote self-discipline in education by using a curriculum that requires students to individually set daily academic goals, issues privileges for meeting those goals, and requires students to test at 80% or higher in order to move to the next level.  
  • The need for international student athletes to have a platform to showcase their athletic abilities, potentially earning them athletic scholarships to American colleges.  Many international students seek to study in America for the opportunity to enhance their English, learn a new culture, and prepare to attend an American college. International students, along with nationals who participate in the Gifted Athletes Program will have these opportunities, along with frequent enrichment activities such a travel to Washington, DC, attending an NBA basketball game, visiting museums and galleries, and attending performing arts events. All participants will have a local host family that will visit with them weekly . In addition, participants of the Gifted Athletes Program will have a game schedule geared toward exposure to college and universities offering athletic scholarship.
Team Genesis seeks to serve students by enhancing their athletic abilities, but also give them the tools to succeed in their homes, colleges, community and careers through the personal development and support we provide.
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