Team Genesis - Education
     Our method of skills training is tailored for each individual athlete to focus on his or her strengths. By building on an athletes core strengths, confidence will grow and weaknesses will be minimized. To maximize each player’s ability, a comprehensive basketball skills and development program will be followed. Strength and conditioning techniques will also be a focus in developing each player’s desired success.
Individual Skills Training
Group Training (3-5)
For time slot availability, please e-mail, or call our office at 434-239-TEAM.
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Meet the trainer:
Harry Williams, entering high school at 6’2, was enrolled in a skill-development program founded by his godmother, giving him the opportunity to train with a former College All-American, NBA star and head coach. This training, along with highly competitive play in the AAU circuit led to Williams’ being awarded regional basketball honors in a region that has produced top professional athletes, many of which Williams faced in his high school career. Williams went on to compete in college at the Division I level, receiving a full scholarship from Liberty University, where, as a captain, he assisted in leading his team to a Big South Championship. In his final year of eligibility, Williams’ promising basketball career was cut short due to a vascular necrosis of the hip. With workouts scheduled with the Lakers and Hawks, Williams was devastated with his injury. By no means did this stop Williams from his razor sharp focus, but rather he learned to channel his efforts towards a bigger picture. After graduating from Liberty University, Williams assumed custody of his younger brother and was able to help mentor and train him during his last 3 yrs of high school. Williams has an uncanny way of helping ball players reach their maximum potential. His skills training focuses on an athlete's  strengths which in turn builds on their weaknesses. This also builds the confidence needed by any athlete to perform at his/her highest level.  

"My son decided to start playing basketball relatively late in life at the age of fifteen. Although he is an athlete, he had a lot to learn about this sport. Harry was recommended to us by a friend, and my son has been working out with him for 3 months, and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive! Although Harry has plenty of knowledge about the sport, I believe his true gift lies in his ability to teach and relate to his students. He has given my son the tools that he needs to be successful on the basketball court, yet he has allowed my son to develop a love for the sport at his own pace. Harry has become so much more than a trainer to my son."

"My son has been working with Harry Williams for six(6) months now. He was just coming off a very bad leg break and Harry worked him back into shape both physically and mentally on the basketball court. My son was able to start on his high school basketball team as captain and continues to work with Harry to achieve his goal of playing D1 in college. The relationship they have forged and the life lessons he has learned from this program are such that he will take with him as he continues to move forward towards his dream. As his mother I couldn't be more pleased to see my son doing what he loves with someone who genuinely cares about his success."

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